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Eccentric Trails Classic Tour

12 Nights/13 Days

Discover the most iconic Sri Lankan locations with the Eccentric Trails Classic tour and experience the brilliance of this small island. From bustling metropolitans to sites where history comes alive, we will take you all around Sri Lanka to witness our golden beaches and misty mountains and experience second-to-none Sri Lankan hospitality at star-class hotels.


Elephant orpahange


Lion rock fortress


Temple of tooth relic

Horton Plains

National Park


Nine arch bridge


National Park



Day 01

— Airport/Negambo

Arrive at the Bandaranaike International Airport where you will be welcomed by a representative of Eccentric Trails or a tour guide. Straight from the airport let's head to the beautiful seaside town of Negombo where you will be checking into a star-class hotel. There you can take a small break and rest up before you indulge in an authentic Sri Lankan dinner.

Day 02

— Negambo/Pinnawala/Dambulla/Sigiriya

On your second day in Sri Lanka let’s take a stroll across the fish market of Negombo at the break of dawn to witness the hustle and bustle of the busy seaside town. A place that has a rhythm of its own, this fish market is full of life and will be a great start to your eccentric adventure in Sri Lanka.
Our second destination for the day which is a bit further inland is the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage! A haven for the orphaned and sometimes injured elephants, (both calves and adults!) this orphanage takes care of and restores them back to health. Get the chance to bottle feed a baby elephant and watch them having a jolly good time in the nearby river where they head to during their bath time. To rest up from your first day traveling in Sri Lanka, we will then check into a star-class hotel in the heart of the Cultural Triangle of Sri Lanka, Dambulla and/or Sigiriya where you can wind down for the night before another wonderful and adventure-filled day out in the Sri Lankan sun.

Day 03

— Sigiriya/Sigiriya Rock/Polonnaruwa/Sigiriya

Get your sunscreen and hats out first thing in the morning cause we are going climbing!
A fortress with an epic backstory that rivals Game of Thrones, Sigiriya was once the domain of a rogue king who constructed this marvelous feat of ancient engineering in the fifth century. Witness the ethereal beauty of the famous “Sigiri Maidens”, the colorful frescoes on the smoothened outside of the rock itself. Feel connected to those who came from eras before you at The Mirror Wall of Sigiriya on the west side of the rock fortress where ancient travelers who came to witness the might of Sigiriya, inscribed poems onto the rock.
Our next stop will be Polonnaruwa kingdom, the second capital of ancient Sri Lanka. Take long walks, (or bicycle rides) taking in the remnants of this bygone era; castles, temples (both Buddhist and Hindu in origin), and massive lakes that stand proud to this day. Listen to thrilling stories about invasions, battles, and wars fought over this land in the 11th to 13th centuries. After exploring these marvels of the ancient world, return to the comforts of your hotel where a fresh, hot meal and a good night’s rest await you.

Day 04

— Sigiriya/Ibbankaduwa/Hiriwaduna Village/Matale/Kandy

Your fourth day on the island will start at Ibbankaduwa, a prehistoric burial ground where one can revisit the mystery and allure of the ancient Sri Lankan civilizations. Then let’s head onto Hiriwadunna Village, a rustic little corner of the island where authentic Sri Lankan culture, is preserved in the most amazing way. Experience the quiet beauty of rural Sri Lanka and the exemplary hospitality Sri Lankans are known for in this dreamy little place.
Heading down to the cooler climates of Sri Lanka, a scrumptious lunch filled with local delicacies at a spice garden in Matale will also double as a fun little lesson about the values of Ceylonese spices and the specificities of the spice growing processes. After that, taste a warm cup of soothing herbal tea of your choice with all its healing qualities that will help calm your nerves.
As the day winds down to an end, it’s time to get to know traditional Sri Lankan dance and music at a cultural show, filled with entertainment that was once even viewed by the Kings of ancient Sri Lanka and has been preserved through families who have practiced the traditions and customs associated with these dances for generations.

Day 05

— Kandy/Kandy city tour/Peradeniya/Kandy

The fifth day of your eccentric adventure means it’s time to visit one of the most dignified landmarks in the Hill Country, the city of Kandy.
Kandy’s claim to fame is not only its vibrant culture but also its rich heritage, awe-inspiring history, and natural beauty that adds its own charm to the otherwise busy metropolitan. Visit one of Sri Lanka’s most iconic attractions, the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic, home to what is believed to be a sacred relic of Lord Buddha, and take a leisurely stroll along the town’s streets where you will find shops and boutiques selling everything from handy souvenirs to international brands and a unique gem museum that is a must-see to anyone visiting Kandy.
In the afternoon, walk into the cool shade of the Royal Botanical Gardens in Peradeniya located just four miles from Kandy town. A breathtaking 147-acre haven is the best place in all of Kandy to immerse yourself in the lush green sceneries of the Hill Country. A perfect place for some peace and quiet away from the busy city, the botanical garden will definitely be a highlight in your Sri Lankan adventure.

Day 06

— Kandy/Ramboda/Nuwara Eliya

Continuing further up into the heart of the Hill Country, you will be able to witness one of the most iconic Sri Lankan sights along the way, the tea pluckers hard at work in the tea plantations. On your way, let’s make a quick stop at the Ramboda Falls, the 11th-highest waterfall in Sri Lanka and an elegant sight of nature that is sure to take your breath away. After all this sightseeing, it’s time for another special Sri Lankan experience that we like to call, “A tour with a treat!” Walk around the Damro Tea Factory where you will be able to experience firsthand the magic behind the delicious Ceylon tea. The factory tour is an amazing learning experience and ends with delicious tea and cake tasting at the Damro Tea Lounge. Marking the end of the day, say goodbye to the Tea Factory and check into your star-class accommodation for the night.

Day 07

— Nuwara Eliya/Horton plains/Worlds End/Nuwara Eliya

Start the seventh day of your adventure in Sri Lanka with a trek across one of Mother Nature’s most amazing views that graced this island. Horton Plains is a national park that is teeming with diverse wildlife. A Horton Plains hike will definitely have many exciting twists and turns as the native samba deer population of the area and other local fauna like the giant wild squirrels are quite brave and often come quite close to the hiking trails. At the end of your adventure across Horton Plains, behold the breathtaking view at the World’s End and Bakers Falls. 

Day 08

— Nuwara Eliya/Ella/Yala

On the outskirts of the beautiful city of Nuwara Eliya, or as the British called it back in the day, Little England, is the Seetha Amman Temple. A place of utmost spirituality with an interesting history, this temple is holy ground to the Hindus of the Hill Country. As you traverse this holy ground, don’t miss a chance to learn the myth of the ancient Sri Lankan King Ravana and his doomed attraction to Princess Seetha of India that led to Sri Lanka is set on fire that originates from this locale.
From there onwards, head over to another local craft studio, where you can witness the pottery workers of Ella, famous for their elegant and enduring products hard at work. (Also quite a great place to cop a souvenir of your trip!) On your way out of the cool Hill Country to Down South, make a stop at the famed Ravana Falls, a waterfall surrounded by mysteries and folk tales of ancient Sri Lanka, and listen to the stories about the witch king Ravana who allegedly built the first flying machine in the world.

Day 09

— Yala/Yala Safari/Katharagama/Yala

It’s time to pull out your binoculars because the ninth day of your Sri Lankan adventure will begin with an early morning safari in Yala, one of the most famous national parks in Sri Lanka. Yala has one of the highest leopard densities in the world, and your chances of spotting one of these prowling predators in their natural habitats at Yala are positively high. After your little adventure in the southern wilderness, make your way to one of the most vivid and culturally significant sites Sri Lanka has to offer: Kataragama. Home to a Hindu temple and a Buddhist temple, Kataragama is a symbol of unity for Sri Lankans, where people of different faiths and ethnicities come together in one place. Bask in the natural beauty of this site where, according to Sri Lanka’s folktale canon, Prince Skandha, the god to whom the temple is dedicated, fell in love with a village girl named Valli.

Day 10

— Yala/Galle/Galle Fort/Galle

Early in the morning, on the tenth day of your tour, let’s head to Galle to check out for yourself if the Sri Lankan beaches are all it’s cracked up to be! (Spoiler alert: They are!) Start your beachy getaway in the Southern province with a delicious lunch complete with distinctly southern delicacies that will await you at one of the best restaurants inside the Galle Fort, the famed remnant of Sri Lanka’s colonial history. Walk the ramparts of this once-Dutch fort and immerse yourself in the colonial charm of the city within a city. Galle is also just the place to witness another iconic Sri Lankan sight, the stilt fishermen who stand upon thin, tall stilts in deep waters and engage in rod fishing. Return to your hotel after a day immersed in the southern Sri Lankan culture for a delicious dinner and a good night’s rest.

Day 11

— Galle/Moon Stone Mine/Maadu River/Galle

Explore the machinations behind how moonstones are excavate, and spend an exciting morning learning everything about the traditional Sri Lankan mining techniques on our guided tour. Follow this exciting adventure with island hopping along the Maadu River, home to many natural fish therapy spots and a serene island temple. Continue on with your day in the Southern sun by checking out another signature set of Sri Lankan craftsmen, the cinnamon peelers. Sri Lankan cinnamon has a unique aroma and a taste that takes your meals to the next level, and you get to catch all the behind-the-scenes actions on how that cinnamon is harvested!
Sri Lankan beaches await you at your next stop on your 11th day in Sri Lanka as we head to Jungle Beach to get our snorkeling gear on to go see some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world, just off the coast of Unawatuna. Return from your day at the beach to your comfortable hotel with the promise of more adventures in the following day.

Day 12

— Galle/Colombo

Leaving Galle and its Southern charms behind, on the 12th day of your tour, let’s return to the buzzing metropolitan of Sri Lanka, Colombo. Rich with hidden treasures that are worth exploring, the city of Colombo is where you will be able to see modern-day cultural landmarks such as the Gangarama temple and historical landmarks from more recent history like the Independence Square in the heart of Colombo. Shopping for a bunch of souvenirs of your trip to Sri Lanka for you and your loved ones back home is also on the cards as we will be visiting Lak Madura / Lak Arcade, a center where you can purchase authentic local art and crafts. Return from this city-round trip and little shopping session to the comforts of another star-class hotel for dinner and rest for the night.

Day 13

— Colombo/Airport

Check out from your Colombo abode on the final day in Sri Lanka and say goodbye to this beautiful island. Carry your memories of your eccentric adventure in Sri Lanka with you forever as you head to Bandaranaike International Airport in Katunayake until you return for another magical adventure in Sri Lanka.


Sri Lanka Map of Eccentric Trails Classic Tour Itinerary

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Day 2/3

Day 4/5

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Day 10/11

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