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Blissful Honeymoon

7 Nights/8 Days

Looking to spend the perfect romantic week with your significant other? Our Blissful Honeymoon tour is curated especially to help you create unforgettable moments during your honeymoon in Sri Lanka. Take part in a traditional Sri Lankan wedding replication and carry the memories (and photos!) of this unique experience with you forever!


Star class hotel


Lion rock fortress


Temple of tooth relic

Nuwara Eliya

Little England



Day 01

— Airport/Negambo

Arrive at the Bandaranaike International Airport where you will be welcomed by a representative of Eccentric Trails or a tour guide. Straight from the airport let's head to the beautiful seaside town of Negombo where you will be checking into a comfortable hotel. You can take a small break and rest up before indulging in an authentic Sri Lankan dinner.

Day 02

— Negambo/Sigiriya

A day of restful seaside bliss awaits you in Negombo where you can spend the entire day wandering along the beautiful beaches hand-in-hand with your significant other. After your flight, make the most of this day by resting and basking in each other’s presence on the beautiful paradise island. In the afternoon, head toward Sigiriya where you will check into another great hotel with the promise of a lovely day out in the tropical sun the following day.

Day 03

— Sigriya

Get your sunscreen and hats out first thing in the morning cause we are going climbing!
A fortress with an epic backstory that rivals Game of Thrones, Sigiriya was once the domain of a rogue king who constructed this marvelous feat of ancient engineering in the fifth century. Witness the ethereal beauty of the famous “Sigiri Maidens”, the colorful frescoes on the smoothened outside of the rock itself. Feel connected to those who came from eras before you at The Mirror Wall of Sigiriya on the west side of the rock fortress where ancient travelers who came to witness the might of Sigiriya, inscribed poems onto the rock. Follow this up with an exciting tour on elephant back where the swaying rhythm of the ride is sure to calm any nerves you will have about this strange but exciting mode of travel!

Day 04

— Sigriya/Kandy

Your fourth day in Sri Lanka will bring one of the most exciting events of this special honeymoon tour: the Sri Lankan wedding replication with an additional photography session! Dress up in the beautiful traditional wedding garments of Sri Lanka and have a ceremony that will strengthen and bless your union under the eyes of the island deities. Commemorate this heartwarming occasion with a very special photography session put together by us at Eccentric Trails and take these memories with you forever.

Day 05

— Kandy

The fifth day of your eccentric adventure means it’s time to visit one of the most dignified landmarks in the Hill Country, the city of Kandy.
Kandy’s claim to fame is not only its vibrant culture but also its rich heritage, awe-inspiring history, and natural beauty that adds its own charm to the otherwise busy metropolitan. Visit one of Sri Lanka’s most iconic attractions, the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic, home to what is believed to be a sacred relic of Lord Buddha, and take a leisurely stroll along the town’s streets where you will find shops and boutiques selling everything from handy souvenirs to international brands and a unique gem museum that is a must-see to anyone visiting Kandy.
In the afternoon, walk into the cool shade of the Royal Botanical Gardens in Peradeniya located just four miles from Kandy town. A breathtaking 147-acre haven is the best place in all of Kandy to immerse yourself in the lush green sceneries of the Hill Country. A perfect place for some peace and quiet away from the busy city, the botanical garden will definitely be a highlight in your Sri Lankan adventure.

Day 06

— Nuwaraeliya

Start the fifth day in Sri Lanka with a tour of the beautiful “Little England” or as we call it today, the city of Nuwara Eliya. Walk hand-in-hand with your love along the mist-laden paths of this beautiful town that has some of the most unique architectural feats that only add to the beauty of the town. Take a swan boat ride in Gregory Lake, the body of water in the middle of the city and paddle along in the cool Hill Country wind with your partner. After a day of exploring the beauty (and secrets!) of this beautiful town, return to your hotel and cozy up with your love by the fire with a warm cup of Ceylon tea or a nice tall glass of Sri Lankan Lion Beer. 

Day 07

— Yala OR Galle

If you are looking to turn your honeymoon in this paradise into a thrilling adventure, this is the way you can spend your seventh day in Sri Lanka. Grab your binoculars and sun hats because this day will begin with a morning safari in Yala, one of the most famous national parks in Sri Lanka. Your chances of spotting a leopard, the prowling predators of the southern Sri Lankan wild, or coming across a herd of elephants, the majestic giants of the wilderness in their natural habitats at Yala are positively high. Add an exciting twist to your little island gateway with this raw and wild adventure in the Sri Lankan wilderness.


Make the seventh day of your honeymoon in Sri Lanka the most thrilling by far by heading over to Kithulgala, everyone’s favorite spot for adventure and extreme sports in Sri Lanka. A breathtaking locale complete with a beautiful river, Kitulgala has also been the setting of the Academy Award-winning Hollywood classic: The Bridge Over The River Kwai. Sail through the raging currents of the Kelani river as the winds brush through your hair and share a real adrenaline rush with your lover in this amazing spot. From white water rafting, abseiling, or even exploring waterfalls, Kitulgala is the place to be for anyone looking to have an adventure of a lifetime that will definitely be the highlight of your honeymoon. 

Day 08

— Airport

Check out from your Colombo abode on the final day in Sri Lanka and say goodbye to this beautiful island. Carry your memories of your eccentric adventure in Sri Lanka with you forever as you head to Bandaranaike International Airport in Katunayake until you return for another magical adventure in Sri Lanka.


map of blissful honeymoon tour itinerary

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Day 2/3

Day 4/5

Day 4

Day 7

Day 7

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