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Exhilarating Wild Life

08 Nights/09 Days

From prowling panthers to herds of elephants, witness Sri Lankan wildlife on their home turf with our Exhilarating Wildlife tour. Take a trip around the whole island and experience an impeccable variety of animals and forests from National Parks to world-heritage rainforests that will make you realize why everyone calls this tiny island, a paradise.


National Park


Temple of tooth relic

Nuwara Eliya

Little England

World's end

Nuwara Eliya


National Park


Water Sports

Day 01

— Airport/Negambo/Wilpattu/Anuradapura

Get right into your wild adventure in Sri Lanka from the very first day onwards and start your journey from the Wilpattu National Park. Witness the unique “willus” or the natural lakes of Sri Lanka’s dry zone that make Wilpattu special among all the national parks in the country. The perfect start to your wilderness exploration in Sri Lanka, Wilpattu will have you awe-struck and itching to come back for more. Your rest stop for the night is a star-class hotel in Anuradhapura ancient city and will be just the perfect end for a perfect day.

Day 02

— Anuradapura/Sigiriya/Minneriya/Dambulla

When you leave your accommodation in the morning of your second day. Don’t forget to grab your sunscreen and hats cause we are going climbing first thing in the morning!

A fortress with an epic backstory that rivals Game of Thrones, Sigiriya was once the domain of a rogue king who constructed this marvelous feat of ancient engineering in the fifth century. Witness the ethereal beauty of the famous “Sigiri Maidens”, the colorful frescoes on the smoothened outside of the rock itself. Feel connected to those who came from eras before you at The Mirror Wall of Sigiriya on the west side of the rock fortress where ancient travelers who came to witness the might of Sigiriya, inscribed poems onto the rock. Follow this up with the second safari of your journey, Minneriya National Park. Spend an evening full of wonder as you ride along the trails that were once even walked on by one of the most beloved kings of Sri Lanka who discovered a lake oasis in the middle of the wilderness and built it into a massive tank that you will also be able to see to this day. Head on over to your hotel in Dambulla to mark a satisfying ending to a satisfying day with the promise of more adventure the following day.

Day 03

— Dambulla/Wasgamuwa/Kandy

It’s the third day of your eccentric stay in Sri Lanka and now it's time to go really deep into the Sri Lankan wild and explore Wasgamuwa National Park, a place that not many tourists get the chance to visit. As you watch herds of majestic elephants roam these lush green lands, learn how the national park derived its name from the sloth bears that used to prowl along the very same trails that you ride along in your jeep today. A park with a fascinating history, Wasgamuwa will definitely be a highlight in your Sri Lankan adventure with Eccentric Trails. From there onwards, make your way to the city of Kandy in the heart of the Sri Lankan Hill Country which will be your home for the night.

Day 04

— Kandy/Nuwara Eliya

Start your fourth day in Sri Lanka by heading over to one of the most iconic and dignified destinations in Sri Lanka. Visit Sri Lanka’s last remaining castle, now Temple of the Tooth Relic, and walk along the cool stone paths that were once tred on by the kings and queens of the Kandyan kingdom, the last kingdom of pre-colonial Sri Lanka. After a serene morning in this cultural hub of a city, let’s move further uphill toward the city of Nuwara Eliya where after a hearty meal you can walk along the mist-laden paths of this beautiful town that has some of the most unique architectural feats that only add to the beauty of the town. Or take this chance to ride a swan boat in Gregory Lake, the body of water in the middle of the city, and paddle along the green shore surrounded by mountains as the cool Hill Country wind ruffles your hair. End your day in paradisical “Little England” in a cozy hotel room where a good night’s rest is guaranteed.

Day 05

— Nuwara Eliya/World's End/Yala

On the fifth day of your adventure in Sri Lanka, it is time to trek across one of Mother Nature’s most amazing views that graced this island: Horton Plains, a national park that is teeming with diverse wildlife. A Horton Plains hike will definitely have many exciting twists and turns as the native samba deer population of the area and other local fauna like the giant wild squirrels are quite brave and often come quite close to the hiking trails. At the end of your adventure across Horton Plains, behold the breathtaking view at the World’s End and Bakers Falls. After Horton Plains, it is time for you to say goodbye to the Hill Country and move down south to Yala where an exciting evening safari awaits you. Witness a breathtaking sunset surrounded by the green wild stretching as far as eyes can see and herds of elephants, buffalos and maybe even a leopard or two. 

Day 06

— Yala/Bundala/Galle

Revisiting the beauty of Yala in the daylight, your sixth day in Sri Lanka will start where your fifth day ended. The national park has much to offer, especially during the morning when you can experience the allure of the sun rising over the southern wilderness of Sri Lanka. Take a deep breath in and feel how the wild comes alive around you, from flora to fauna in the tropical sun. As the day progresses make the move from Yala to Bundala, another iconic national park Sri Lanka is blessed with. Home to a whopping 197 species of birds, Bundala is the perfect place if you are an avid bird weather or even just fascinated with these feathery fellows who come to the tropical island to wait out the winters of the west. 

Day 07

— Galle/Sinharaja/Maadu River/Kosgoda

As the sun rises over the horizon on your seventh day in Sri Lanka, let’s leave the comforts of your hotel behind for an adventure in Sri Lanka’s most iconic rainforest, the Sinharaja. Walk into this lush, cool greenery that is teeming with life. Dip your feet in the cold and refreshing creeks rushing through the forests and peek at the wild animals who frolic leisurely through their homesteads. Have an exciting day of trekking in the rainforest and walking through the beautiful village adjacent to the forest as well. Follow this exciting adventure with island hopping along the Maadu River, home to many natural fish therapy spots and a serene island temple.

Day 08

— Kosgoda/Colombo

On the 08th day of your tour, it is time to say goodbye to the wilderness and come back to the bustling metropolis of Colombo. Rich with hidden treasures that are worth exploring, the city of Colombo is where you will be able to see modern-day cultural landmarks such as the Gangarama temple, and historical landmarks from more recent history like the Independence Square in the heart of Colombo. Shopping for a bunch of souvenirs from your trip to Sri Lanka for you and your loved ones back home is also on the cards as we will be visiting Lak Madura / Lak Arcade, a center where you can purchase authentic local art and crafts. Return from this city-round trip and little shopping session to the comforts of another star-class hotel for dinner and rest for the night.

Day 09

— Colombo/Airport

Check out from your Colombo abode on the final day in Sri Lanka and say goodbye to this beautiful island. Carry your memories of your eccentric adventure in Sri Lanka with you forever as you head to Bandaranaike International Airport in Katunayake until you return for another magical adventure in Sri Lanka.


Map of Sri Lanka Itinerary for wildlife tour

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Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

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